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We make OE quality brake pads and work with our customer to determine the best way for them to package and sell them to their customers. It is a process we have continually improved over the last sixteen years to ensure our products and service are second to none.

Product Design

  • Formula – A variety of friction formulas, covering the range of standard to premium automotive, heavy duty and air disc brake applications. All formulated to meet the service and quality standards customers expect from OE Quality Friction products.
  • Mechanical Retention System  (MRS) – Customized retention enhancements including Integrally Molded (IM) Holes and MRS retention methods are used as required by application to provide safety and dependability through the life of the pad
  • Validation – All OE Quality Friction’s formulas have been extensively tested and validated in dynamometer and vehicle tests to ensure they meet and exceed OE Quality Friction’s stringent performance and quality standards


  • OE Quality Friction ensures the selection of  ISO9001:2008 certified 3rd Party Registered suppliers
  • Supplier Development Activities – OE Quality Friction works closely with suppliers to ensure they understand OE Quality Friction and TS16949 requirements, ie: AIAG regulations, Core Tools of Quality, Product Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • The use of PPAP process for the qualification and ongoing verification of purchased product
  • Receiving inspection of product to ensure quality / consistency of incoming material

Formula Mixing

  • Ingredients – Specialty equipment ensures the precise weighting of friction material components for a consistent mix which yields a uniform and quality product
  • Multiple Stage Mixing – Unique processes have been developed such that mixing duration is staged by individual ingredients, maintaining ingredient integrity and optimizing the consistency and quality of the finished friction material


  • OE Quality Friction uses the Positive Mold process (the same method used by Original Equipment manufacturers) which provides constant heat and pressure directly to the friction material yielding a stronger pad with more density and less resin for quieter, more reliable braking performance
  • OE Quality Friction has developed unique, dedicated equipment and processes to produce a consistent high quality friction product
  • OE Quality Friction’s state of the art tooling is designed and fabricated in-house to ensure the highest quality of the parts
  • OE Quality Friction pads provide longer wear, less dusting and increased stopping performance


  • A wide variety of colors are available, developed to customer specifications
  • Consistent and uniform paint on the brake pads protect parts from corrosion
  • The uniformity and quality of OE Quality Friction applied paint improves the overall appearance of the brake pads


  • All OE Quality Friction pads are precision - ground down to the required thickness
  • OE Quality Friction’s grinders provide exact brake pad thickness with minimal variation. Custom grinds provide tolerances within +/- 0.005”
  • After grinding, the brake pad is left with a level surface and clean square edges

Hardware Configuration

  • OE Quality Friction’s state of the art assembly and finishing plant utilizes Just-In-Time (JIT), Lean Manufacturing concepts and precise order tracking allowing OE Quality Friction to provide customized products of the highest quality
  • Fully customizable for each customer, OE Quality Friction offers multiple shim grades and styles, and a multitude of other hardware and package options

Packaging & Shipping

  • Customized packaging to meet customer requirements (boxes, shrink-wrapped brake pads, sleeves, dunnage and more)
  • Parts arrive at customer sites on time and are packaged in a way to help prevent damage due to shipping
  • Customized shipping programs provide customer specific logistics and ensure product is delivered to customers on time and per their requirements



Our manufacturing process – the same as your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Extreme tempatures to reduce initial break in period

High performance, semi-metallic carbon fiber formulas and ceramic formulas

Maximum corrosion and brakefluid protection

System is available for extreme applications

INCLUDED: Electronic Wear Sensors, Shims & Hardware


"Low-Resin/Positive mold" disc brake pads mean NO FADE—a controlled stop every time. Verse the more common "Flash Mold" process, the resin content of the material must be increased to make the material flow. High-resin content creates fade. Fade can increase the stopping distance up to 50%.

The "Positive Mold" process is the best way to manufacture quality disc brake pads. It's the process used by all OE manufacturers.

During the "Positive Mold" press curing, the pre-mixed ingredients are placed directly inside the cavity of the cure tooling. Full pressure is exerted on each part by a punch. This guarantees full density is reached on every part. The friction material composition is not compromised by the process and can be tailored for the exact characteristics needed on the vehicle.