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The automotive aftermarket can be a challenging environment. In order for your company to win, you need to stand out and deliver a unique benefit to your customers. We are here to help you do just that.

At OEQF, we will work with you to develop a custom program that is right for your business. We will build quality brake pads to your exacting specifications or provide our standard high quality SKUs in your packaging. You work with us to control every element from packaging and kit components to the color of the brake pad. Whether it is a turn-key program that we recommend or an entirely customized program designed by you, we deliver. We carry a huge selection of product in many formulas. So, finding the right OE quality brake pads for your customers’ applications is a cinch.

Even better, our North American footprint means easy communication with our team and a unique ability to deliver product faster than any importer, lowering inventory requirements and improving supply chain efficiencies.

OEQF will work with you to create your own brand of brake pads, developing everything from branding to packaging to in-pack collateral. Our goal is to give you the best product, the best selection, the fastest delivery and the most meaningful branding you can get.

We are happy to provide specifications for the applications you need or work against your specifications in a contract manufacturing relationship.

We will work with you to determine the right mix of:

  • Finished or blanks
  • Our box, your box, no box (bulk)
  • Color of friction material (limited availability)
  • How it is packaged in the box, ie. loose, in a bag, shrink wrap, box inserts to keep product in place
  • Hardware in the box, ie. no shims, shims, type of shim technology, abutment kits, brake lube, communication inserts
  • How it is shipped ie, shrinkwrap, box, master cartons, bulk

Get in touch with your OEQF representative today and start maximizing the sales potential of your brake pads.

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