Product Lines
Product Lines


From suburban driveways to taxis in Manhattan to performance racing vehicles to fleets of heavy duty logging trucks in the northern reaches of Canada, OE Quality Friction brake pads have found a home in nearly every application and every corner of the continent. Our goal is to provide best-in-class, premium product across a variety of price points and technologies for a full spectrum of vehicles.  Call us an equal opportunity brake manufacturer. Because every vehicle deserves to have a brake pad that delivers the durability, reliability and safety that only OE Quality Friction can provide.

So, whether you are looking to directly supply your fleet, want to have OE Quality Friction design and build a brake pad worthy of putting your name on it or you want to design a part and have us meticulously build it to your specifications, we are here to deliver. And we have. Over the years, we have built brake pads for some of the most respected names in the industry. In every category of vehicle. Across every state and province.




Mid-Grade Mid-grade semi-metallic formula for lower cost alternative for passenger cars and light trucks
  • Same high-quality OEQF product pedigree
  • Engineered to provide excellent braking performance at a lower cost
  • Excellent friction characteristics, very good wear and low noise
  • Suitable for use in passenger cars and light trucks only
Premium Duty High quality friction formula for passenger cars and light trucks offering the braking performance for which OEQF is known
  • Consistent, high quality friction providing low noise and outstanding wear
  • Suitable for most classes of cars and light trucks
  • No-Dust formula
  • Not intended for fleet or medium heavy truck applications
Severe Duty Higher performance formula, providing lower fade, improved high speed effectiveness for higher performance passenger cars, and light/medium truck applications
  • Higher friction
  • Low wear & noise;  No-Dust formula
  • Suitable for fleet vehicles up to 16,000 lbs
  • Not intended for heavy duty truck applications
Extreme Duty High performance formula, providing high friction, low fade performance for mid-range truck applications
  • Increased friction from Severe Duty
  • Very quiet formula
  • Mid-range formula specifically for medium to heavy duty truck up to 19,500 lbs
  • Material Retention System (MRS) recommended
Heavy Duty Ultra high performance heavy duty formula, ideal for large trucks and harsh environments
  • Not intended for passenger car and light truck applications
  • Very low fade
  • Post-Cured for improved performance and product stability
  • MRS typically required


  • Proudly manufacturing premium disc brake pads since 1997
  • First to market with new part numbers
  • Coverage for over 2,000 different year/make and model applications
  • Supplying the largest and oldest names in the friction industry
  • 100% manufactured in North America
  • Lowest return rate in the industry


  • OEQF brake pads provide the ultimate in quality, safety and braking performance
  • Four different friction formulations available to suit every driving style and application
  • OEQF pads surpass all major competitors in dynamometer performance testing
  • Up to 25% more pad life than the leading brands
  • Designed to minimize rotor wear, resulting in decreased maintenance costs