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Families today are on the go more than ever. Whether it's dad's truck on his way to the jobsite, mom’s SUV hauling half the soccer team to practice or the family mini-van on a cross-country trip, safety is priority one. And if your job is to sell or install the brake pads that deliver that security and reliability, VORTEX is here to help. Our brake pads for cars, light trucks and SUVs are built to match the quality standards of today’s automobile manufacturers, designed to work day-in and day-out and keep families on the road without fail. 
It starts with every new model introduced in North America. We work tirelessly to get our product designed so that you are able to service nearly any make, model and year of vehicle driven on our roads today. We test and spec every product, then utilize our best-in-class manufacturing capabilities, all housed here in North America, to build the best product for your money. 
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  • Proudly manufacturing premium disc brake pads since 1997
  • First to market with new part numbers
  • Coverage for over 2,000 different year/make and model applications
  • Supplying the largest and oldest names in the friction industry
  • 100% manufactured in North America
  • Lowest return rate in the industry
  • VORTEX is ISO/TS16949:2009 certified


  • VORTEX brake pads provide the ultimate in quality, safety and braking performance
  • Four different friction formulations available to suit every driving style and application
  • VORTEX pads surpass all major competitors in dynamometer performance testing
  • Up to 25% more pad life than the leading brands
  • Designed to minimize rotor wear, resulting in decreased maintenance costs